Cinematographer | Videographer | Instructor

This image I shot in Tong-Li, China during a location scout for the trailer "The Grand Canal". Voice-over by Don LaFontaine, (a.k.a. "the Voice of God").

RUURD M. FENENGA – was “born into” and raised in the film industry in The Netherlands.  His father, Ruurd M. Fenenga, Sr. , a cinematographer, producer and director, was his first mentor.

By an opportune chance at the age of twenty-one, Ruurd went to Los Angeles and began working as a 1st assistant-cameraman.
Worked on features like “The Hidden” and the tv-series of “Twin Peaks” (1990). He was able to work with such well-known cinematographers as Stuart Dryburgh, A.S.C., N.Z.C.S., ("Boardwalk Empire", "The Piano"), Jim Weisiger, V.F., ("Titanic"), Bojan Bazelli, ASC, ("The Rapture", "Pete's Dragon") and gained vast experience assisting on more than thirty-five feature films.
Ruurd also worked on music video's with Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and MC Hammer ("U Can't Touch This").
Was the 1st. assistant-cameraman for Sam Bayer on his music video's,  just to name a few;  The Cranberries, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins.

As a cinematographer, Ruurd worked on the short film, "Pennyweight", which won a total of six prizes at various film festivals across the United States, and was also listed to be nominated for an Academy Award.
He also worked on a feature film called, "Paradise",  starring Dee Wallace Stone ("E.T."), Barbara Carrera ("Never Say Never Again") and Timothy Bottoms ("The Last Picture Show").

Besides feature films, Ruurd’s experience has included commercials, corporate videos and current affair programs, such as "1 - Vandaag",  in The Netherlands.
Commercials include "Nike" commercials:  "Nike Federation", "Nike PO 3", and "Nike PO 3" trailer, all shot in various locations in Barcelona, Madrid and Blackburn (UK). These commercials featured soccer stars Ronaldinho, Rooney, Ronaldo, Henry and van Nistelrooij.

Corporate videos on which Ruurd has worked include "Friesland Bank", working with well-known Dutch director Henk van Mierlo.

He lensed the corporate film, "Imaging Technology, Girl with a Pearl Earring", for Canon / Océ Worldwide, for Japanese director Naohiro Aida which was shown at fairs in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai.
In addition to these projects, Ruurd worked with BAFTA winner and multi-Webby award winning director Martin Percy to work on the 2nd unit of "Mercy and Justice". 

Ruurd loves to share his rich experience as a filmmaker, and teaches at various institutes and schools. He also instructs one-on-one workshops in Composition, Negative Fill and Lighting.

In 2019 he attended the Cinematography in Progress in Brussels and spoke to many fellow cinematographers / teachers, who attended the conference from all over the world.

Recently he gave several workshops to the cameramen at the Ministery of Defence of The Netherlands in The Hague.

The banner below was present at
The Royal Television Society event in London.
Ruurd got invited to be one of the exhibitors at the
RTS Futures Career Affair 2020, where he exposed his large diversity of Masterclasses and Workshops to more then 1300 students attending this annual event.