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An Online Workshop at SintLucas College in Eindhoven.

During COVID-19, SintLucas college in Eindhoven decided to introduce the students to an Online Workshop; Composition, Lighting and Negative Fill.
We used one of the two studio's at this location for the lighting of an interior, set for Night and for late afternoon. Which gave the students a good idea of what is needed in order to create an atmosphere. 
For the exterior lighting set-up, student Nino helped out by being the stand-in or grip. The other student Jim did the shooting for the live registration. And Siad, teacher at the AudioVisual department, took care of the technical part of the video-registration.

I offer these Online Workshops and Masterclasses all over the world for schools, professionals, corporate and governmental institutions.

Below is a selection of images from workshops I have given to
schools, professionals, police special forces, corporate, photographical and governmental institutions.

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