Shooting a feature film with five students

A former (21 year old) student of Ruurd, asked him if he wanted to shoot his first feature. 
Ruurd shot the film, used his own camera (Canon 5D Mark II), lighting, grip, audio equipment and did the colour grading, using the
HP DreamColor Z27 monitor.

The film won the Tiliander, Den Boogaard Cultuurprijs 2014 Award.

After completing the feature film, Ruurd stated;
"It was one of the most wonderful and fun projects I have ever worked on!"

-- Below the trailer for the feature film "Schaduwspel" --

"Schaduwspel" - 2014

Marya Hüsstege

Joep Lommerse


Tiliander Den Boogaard Cultuurprijs 2014


Technical Information

The feature film was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II camera, using Zeiss Planar ZF lenses (lenses sponsored by Camalot, Amsterdam) and shot in the Technicolor CineStyle Profile.

In post we used the NeatVideo plug-in to reduce the noise in the image. For color grading I used FCP-X.

Lighting equipment: 5x1kw plus lots of Negative Fill in order to create a natural look.

A special stocking was used for one scene below. This particular stocking was also used in commercials in the 60's and 70's.

Stills from "Schaduwspel"

SAE Amsterdam

The students had to make a test - putting a special stocking in front of the lens and try to simulate the lighting that was used in the 1930's.
Music by Rudy Vallee, "A Kiss to Remember" and titles in the shape of the swirling swimmers of "Footlight Parade", 1933.

-- Below the students lighting and stocking test --

Sint Lucas Eindhoven

The students received an assignment - creating a pack-shot. They could pick any of five  products and light it accordingly.   

-- Below a students product shot --

Student Experiences

 Film Books
Recommended by Ruurd

"Painting With Light"
by John Alton, ASC

"It's Not What you Light...It's What You Don't Light."
Quote by
John Alton, ASC

"Alexander Mackendrick On Film-making"
Edited by Paul Cronin

"Remember, Movies Show and Tell."
Quote by
-- Alexander Mackendrick --

A few quotes from this wonderful book:

"If the scene is uninteresting in cinematic terms, then layer upon layer of dialogue will only make it more so.
One of the tasks of the director as (s)he transfers a screenplay to the medium of the moving-image-with-sound is almost to forget what his characters are saying and re-imagine their behaviour as being mute, so that all thoughts, feelings and impulses are conveyed to the audience through - sound and vision - without speech.

"Hitchcock is suggesting that a good film should be ninety percent understandable even if dubbed into a language no one sitting in the auditorium understands.
Because a well-written, acted and directed film should be able to convey its emotional meaning through the inventive use of film grammar, not words.
And it is of course, the emotional and dramatic content of any scene that really counts".