"Schaduwspel" shooting a movie with five students

A former (21 year old) student of Ruurd, asked him if he wanted to shoot his first feature film, "Schaduwspel".  Ruurd shot the film, did the color grading, and used his own camera (Canon 5D Mark II), lighting, grip and audio equipment. The film won the "Winner: Tiliander - Den Boogaard Cultuurprijs 2014 Award.  After completing the feature film, Ruurd stated: " It was one of the most wonderful and fun projects I have ever worked on!"

- Below the trailer for the movie "Schaduwspel" -

SAE Amsterdam

The students of 2018 had to make a test - putting a special stocking in front of the lens and try to simulate the lighting that was used in the 1930's. Music by Rudy Vallee, "A Kiss to Remember" and titles in the shape of the swirling swimmers of "Footlight Parade", 1933.


- Below the students lighting and stocking test -

- More lighting set-ups -